Brewing - Our Recommended Drip Method

Brewing - Our Recommended Drip Method

Step-By-Step Brewing Instructions

  1. Select Your Coffee Beans:
    • Select Your Beans: Choose your coffee beans (e.g., Droptop).
    • Bean Type: Decide between whole bean or pre-ground based on your preference and equipment.
  2. Prepare Your Coffee Beans:
    • Quantity for Brewing: Determine the amount you wish to brew (e.g., 2 US “mugs” at 20oz total).
    • Find Preparation Details: Visit your selected bean's page for Drip-specific ratios, serving sizes, and caffeine content. Be sure to check the correct measurements for either whole bean or ground coffee.
    • Measure Beans: Weigh the correct amount of coffee (e.g., 40g for a 20oz serving of Droptop).
    • Grind Beans (if using whole beans): If using whole beans, grind them to the size recommended for drip brewing (e.g., medium-fine for Droptop).
  3. Measure and Add Water:
    • Measure the appropriate amount of filtered water (e.g., 600mL for a 20oz serving).
  4. Brew:
    • Set up your drip brewer according to its instructions. For best results, use an SCA-Certified Brewer.
    • Place the ground coffee in the filter.
    • Start the brewing process and allow the water to drip through the coffee grounds.
  5. Enjoy!
    • Serve the freshly brewed coffee immediately to appreciate its full flavor.


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Enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, one that tastes wonderful and energizes your day, can be a sublime experience. We’ve spent years dialing in the perfect cup so that you can brew it in moments. There are a few components of the brew method to consider.

First, how much does the method really matter? We wondered the same. As it turns out, the method you use to brew your coffee makes a significant difference in terms of taste and caffeine content. Seemingly minor factors such as grind size, roast date of the coffee beans, ratio of coffee to water, water temperature, and brew time matter more than you may expect. The perfect cup will optimize and harmonize each of these variables. Fortunately, we dialed in the science so you can focus on enjoying your perfect cup of coffee from our single origin coffee beans.

Intrigued? Check out Our Coffee Brewing Methodology to go deeper.

Drip Brewing Basics

Drip coffee brewers are a great choice for home brewers because they offer convenience, consistency, and the ability to brew larger quantities of coffee. With a quality drip coffee brewer, you can easily achieve the proper water temperature and extraction, resulting in a consistent, flavorful, and caffeine-optimized cup of coffee.


SCA Certified Brewers

Quality drip coffee starts with a quality home brew machine. For best results, we recommend using a home brewer that is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). SCA Certified Brewers are tested by industry experts against rigorous quality standards. Among these standards is the ability to reach and maintain the proper water temperature, which is essential for achieving the proper extraction, influencing both taste and caffeine content.


Limitations of Drip

Due to extraction needs and water contact time, most drip brewers have a minimum brew setting of 2 “cups,” which usually correlates to 10 oz or a mostly-full, modern standard US mug. This limitation may make drip brewers less optimal for people who only want to brew a single mug of coffee at a time.

Since we’re on the topic - did you know that there’s no consistent measure for a “cup” of coffee? If you’re curious about how a “cup” of coffee is measured, see our post What exactly is a cup of coffee, anyway? for more information.


Coffee to Water Ratio

Just like with AeroPress Brewing, consistency is key when it comes to achieving the perfect cup of coffee using the drip brewing method, which requires a precise coffee-to-water ratio.

We have tested every single one of our beans at multiple grind settings and water ratios to guarantee you will get a not only a delicious, but a precise cup of coffee. Specific ratios and settings for each bean are located on the respective product pages. See Our Beans to find the exact ratios you need to use for precise caffeine content.

Our recommendation for SCA certified drip brewers is to use 600 mL of filtered/bottled water for every two mugs of coffee you wish to make. See Our Coffee Brewing Methodology for more information about why water quality is so critical in crafting a great cup of coffee. For more information about what defines a “mug” of coffee, refer to this post: What exactly is a cup of coffee, anyway?

In general, you will find that if you choose pre-ground beans, the coffee-to-water ratio is around 1 gram of coffee per 15 mL of water (1:15). This means you should use 40g of coffee for every 600mL of water. Some of our instructions for our single origin whole beans recommend 1:16 ratios (37.5g for every 600mL) so be sure to check the product page and select “Whole Bean” to ensure you are brewing with the correct ratios to get the best results and precise caffeine content.


Grind Size

Without a doubt, grind size is probably the most important variable to consider when you are brewing your drip coffee. Our single origin coffee beans are roasted fresh to order and grinding at home is the absolute best way to ensure you can appreciate the nuances of these delicious coffees from around the world. Just like with the water ratios, we have spent countless hours dialing in the grind size recommendations that you will see on the product page for every bean. They can vary significantly from 475 microns to 700 microns, so be sure to check before you grind. If you want to know exactly how your grinder’s settings compares to these micron measurements, check out our post on our Our Coffee Brewing Methodology to learn more.

If you don’t have a burr grinder at home yet, you won’t be able to get the most out of your single origin coffee beans, but we understand that not every coffee lover has made the leap quite yet. We also offer all of our beans in pre-ground form, but there’s just not quite as much room for dialing in the flavor and profile of these beans.


The End Result

If you follow our guides and brew instructions, we guarantee you will love your coffee. Not only that, but you will be drinking coffee made from the world’s first Coffeescription (trademark pending, by the way) with precise caffeine content. To learn more about caffeine content, refer to our post on Caffeine Content. If you want to dive even deeper into our methods, check out the post about our Experimental Design.

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