Our Startup Story

Our Startup Story

Scription Coffee proudly offers the first and only single-origin coffee bean subscription with precise caffeine content.

Hello! We’re Tony and Emily, founders of Scription Coffee, and when we first developed the idea for our company, we were amazed to find that something like this did not yet exist on the market. Despite extensive research, we couldn’t even find bigger brands that were doing this.

If you found your way here, you have probably heard of (or maybe even used) other coffee bean subscriptions. We tried them, too. One of our many frustrations with these services is that they focus so much on variety and not nearly enough on consistency.

One day, we would brew a cup of coffee and feel extremely caffeinated, maybe even jittery. Even more, by the time we dialed in our coffee-to-water ratios, grind settings, water temperature, etc. the bag was gone! When we received the next bag, we would brew with similar ratios and feel like we were dragging all morning and need to go back to the drawing board re-dialing in our ideal brew. While some of the subscriptions we tried offered delicious beans, and we could dial in our brew eventually, we had no way to dial in our caffeine content. It felt like a shot in the dark.

This caffeine crapshoot disrupted our daily lives. We both need to perform at the top of our game each day at work and in the gym. Being either under-caffeinated or over-caffeinated is not an option.

This led us to search for a single origin whole bean coffee subscription with precise caffeine content. We couldn’t find it. At this point, we could have continued with inconsistent subscriptions, canned cold brew, or bought a case of energy drinks. But we love great coffee and a good kick, and we weren’t willing to sacrifice either, so we decided to create both.

Welcome to Scription Coffee. We refuse to compromise on quality for the sake of consistency, or on taste for caffeine content. And you shouldn't have to either. If you've made it this far, we salute you, and we're proud to offer what we believe is the perfect cup.

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